mardi, septembre 16, 2008

Hint of !MimosaMicheMichelle!


Michelle Béchard-Lalonde
September 2002

In Flickr, I am known as !MimosaMicheMichelle! (formerly !Mimosa!). I enjoy very much being called
Michelle (pronounced the French way, only). You can also call me Miche.

I turned 56 in late October, 2008 but I'm really eternally 20!

My mother tongue is French but I was educated in both languages so I am equally comfortable in both French and English.

I am EXTREMELY CURIOUS about everything! I am an "intellectually" curious person and I also have a profound interest in understanding the mysteries of human nature.

I see life as a series of challenges. It is important for me to continually learn and improve in everything. I am an independent thinker.

I am intense and enthusiastic and I live life spontaneously. I love peace and harmony. I love beauty in all things.

I never feel alone because I am my best friend. I do love and need solitude. Yet I am sociable and, whether in person or not, I love to network.

I love to be in public places where I get energized from meeting people, doing activities, being surrounded by everything that happens in public and being visually stimulated by new things. Yet I need to spend all this energy doing intellectual activities in the privacy and quiet of home. After a few days, when I am drained of energy, I need to go out in public and get re-energized again.

I love to read, write and reflect in private. I love to talk, exchange thoughts, ideas and interesting information with people. I love to cook. I enjoy spending many hours each week researching and learning new things on the Internet. I love using the computer and the Internet. Now that I have a digital camera, I love to take photos of my vision of beauty in things and places.

I am an idea person. The more stimulation I have, the more ideas I get. I am creative and imaginative. I always make associations and relationships in everything. I see possibilities everywhere! I instinctively see both sides of every issue and have no difficulty arguing any issue. I am logical, analytical and strategic. I love to plan, scheme and organize. I am an innovator.

I have a very good knowledge of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) which has been a special interest of mine for the past 15 years (I am an ENTP).

A few of my interests:

Reading, writing, computer, Internet, personality, psychology, spirituality (inner-self), people, food facts, food history, cooking, all concerning the home, home, interior decorating, interior design, architecture, plants, flowers, gardening, photography, beauty in all things, mythology.

A few of my reading interests:

Self-Help, psychology, spiritual, personality and the MBTI. Cookbooks, books on food history and food facts. Architecture. All concerning the home, interior decorating and gardening. Mythology.

My musical interests:

Classical, Latin, World, a lot more.

Why Mimosa:

I sometimes wonder why others picked their screen name. I originally chose Mimosa as my Flickr name because when I was young and watching a movie, a lady pointed out the mimosa that was in a vase and hanging over a fireplace. She said the word mimosa and it sounded so beautiful that I always remembered how I liked that sound, mimosa!

The English version of my profile was initially written in early October 2005 and the French version was done in early March, 2008. The last minor update was done on June 18, 2009.